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Lync common issues

Enable-CsTopology : Multiple Active Directory entries were found for type "ms-RTC-SIP-EdgeProxy" with ID in a multiple Domain Environment

 Enable-CsTopology : Multiple Active Directory entries were found for type "ms-RTC-SIP-EdgeProxy" with ID


At line:1 char:1

+ Enable-CsTopology

+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (:SourceCollection) [Enable-CsTopology], InvalidDataException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DuplicateADEntry,Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Deployment.ActivateTopologyCmdlet




Open ADSIEDIT and look in the following snapshot. Open Configuration for your DC

Collapse the menu and click on Services

Click on RTC Service

Click on Global Settings and on the right pane look if there's any duplicated entries and remove them.

As you can see on my right pane I have 2 duplicated (msRTCSIP-EdgeProxy) and I'm going to remove one of them and see if I can publish my topology or not. But before that I will have to make sure that I export the entry that I wanna delete.




I right clicked on the last value and deleted it and here how it became now.



Machine generated alternative text: rut MLLIUII VItVV ntip ••  GL] _______ __ ________________ _____ ___________ ____ 2’ ADSI Edit A Name Class Distinguished Name Actions A ¡ Schema [egedc.egemenoglu.local] fl J CN={80425d5b-5433-4e28-9401 -05e424d5a302} msRTCSIP-TrustedServer CN={80425d5b-5433-4e28-9401 -05e424d5a302},CN= Global Se CN — Global CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC= egemenoglu,DC=Iocal ZJjCN={742f09c6-8eZb-492f-8889-6b2c77dc4c79} msRTCSIP-EdgeProxy CN={742f09c6-8eZb-492f-8889-6b2c77dc4c79),CN=Global Set A  Configuration [egedc.egemenoglu.localJ More Actic A CN=Configuration,DC=egemenoglu,DC=local Z CN=DisplaySpecifiers j CN=Extended-Rights Z CN=ForestUpdates Z CN=LostAndFoundConfig Z CN=NTDS Quotas j CN= Partitions EJ CN= Physical Locations A Z CN=Services j CN=MsmqServices j CN=NetServices Z CN= Public Key Services Z CNRRAS A J. CN=RTC Service Z CN=Application Contacts Z CN= Conference Directories A Z CN=Global Settings C N={742f09c6-Se2b-492f-8389-6b2c77dc4c79} CN={80425d5b-5433-4e28-9401-05e424d5a302} A Z CN= Pools A Z CN=1:1 A CN=Microsoft j CN=Lc Services . r rei _._e_... r..a:...... w



Now I will try to publish my topology and see what happens, my topology publishing failed with a new error this time.


Machine generated alternative text: Created trusted service entry for type=MRAS, port=5062, routable=True, gruuld=7828b5e9-4d56-5254-b7bf-cBb2b9lBa9Oa and FQDN=egelyncedge. egemenoglu.Iocal. Error Multiple Active Directory entries were found for type nts-RTC-SIP-TnjstedservicC with ID eqdyncedqe.eqesnenou.local, MRAS. fr Detads Error An error occurred: SystentlO.InvaòdDataException °MLdtiple Active Directory entries were found for type nis-RTC-SIP Trustedservice with w egeiyncedge. egemenoglu.local, MRAS. - V DataEdge V MechaRelayEdge V Activate 2/19/2014 2:38:20 PM 2/19/2014 2:38:20 PM 2/19/2014 2:38:20 PM 2/19/2014 2:38:20 PM 2/19/2014 2:38:20 PM 2/19/2014 2:38:20 PM Success Success Faded Error Error


I will have to go and check where's this coming from, since it mentions TrustedService. I will go look in the trusted service


This is not going to be easy, as you need to becareful where you look .. You will need to make sure that you're looking at the right FQDN

Machine generated alternative text: CN= Physical Locations A Name Class CN= MsmqServices CN= NetServices CN= Public Key Services CN=RRAS CN=RTC Service Ej CN=Application Contacts Ej CN= Conference Directories A ‘i CN=Glob& Settings CN={742f09c6-8e2b-492f-8889-6b2c77dc4c79} j C N={80425d5b-5433-4e28-9401 -05e424d5a302) > jj CN=Pools A Ej CN=Topology Settings CN=4e64f98c-371 5-45db-962c-99b.41 el d4d5e A Ej CN=TrustedMCUs Jj CN={ 1 8d9a8a2-9a97-4c51 -9749-2cc39dc6af4a} zù C N={7e2c6a45-07b8-48d3-Sbl d-f892a91 9453a} Z CN={d9c91f21 -62be-4521 -84de-102500c4824b} A CN=Trusted Services J] CN={0260bd99-43dc-4dld-8Scc-4b462cOddbf8} Ej CN={37d7feOb-9540-41 6c-8a62-03a5cf31 204f) Z CN={38f43f34-aOd2-4076-albO-lf4efl9cbd24) Ej CNt{465bba4d-5c5a-4835-91e9-d7d877146f5c) Ej CN={Sfd43fae-3cOd-4021-a7d4-33e42c49b5c0} Ej C N={75c9aeb.4-6b9b-41 29-9a1 8-ab2e34bfefd5} Ej CN={aaBO65ee-2d2a-459b-920b-32b327f6ccdd} Ej CN={b2264bfb-12b7-4556-accd-9183379a6aaa) Ej CN={b344b780-604f-47c6-ba2b-8l73fSSfldfd) Ej Attribute Editor ecurtty Attributes: Attribute msRTCSIP-Extension... nisRTCSIP-Routable msRTCSIP-RoutingP... msRTCSIP-TrustedS... msRTCSIP-TrustedS... msRTCSIP-TrustedS... rnsRTCSIP-TrustedS... msRTCSIP-TrustedS... name objectCategory objectøass objectGUlD object Version otherWellknownObje... <I Edit Filter OK H Cancel Apply Help Distinguished Name C N={f9c7437f-ea28-4042- bS9b-8e24aed7afd7),CN=Trusted Se CN={d22a9b71 -651 3-49fd-8e20-Oa4b38ee793cLCN=Trusted S C N={cd684770-6c4c-45cd-bec4-5c85f03e57ba),CN=Trusted S Nr { b9f9948f-9823-41 30-bdf4-98f21 6bfecl 9},CN=Trusted Ser {b82fcb9b-fl b0-4d38-a9a2-1277bde7c883),CNrTrusted S :{b344b780-604f-47c6-ba2b-81 73f58f1 dfd},CN=Trusted Se ‘J={b2264bfb-12b7-4556-accd-9183379a6aaa),CNrTrusted S J={aaSO6See-2d2a-459b-920b-32b327f6ccdd},CN=Trusted S J={7Sc9aeb4-6b9b-41 29-9a1 8-ab2e34bfefd5),CN=Trusted S J={Sfd43fae-3cOd-4021 -a7d4-33e42c49b5c0),CN=Trusted Sc J={46Sbba4d-5c5a-4835-91 e9-d7d877146f5c),CN=Trusted S Jr{33f43f34-aOd2-4076-a 1 bC-i f4ef 1 9cbd24},C NrTrusted Sei .l={37d7feOb-9540-41 6c-8a62-O3aScf3l 204f },C N=Trusted Sei J={0260bd99-43dc-4d1 d-8Scc-4b462c9ddbf8),CN=Trusted f CN= Services Ej Ej Z C N={f9c7437f-ea28-4042-b59b-8e24aed7afd7) Z C N={d22a9b71 -651 3-49fd-8e20-0a4b38ee793c) Z. CN={cd684770-6c4c-4Scd-bec4-5c85f03e57ba) msRTCSIP-TrustedService msRTCSIP-TrustedService msRTCSIP-TrustedService UN ={bB2tcb9b-tl bU-4d38-a9a2- 12ff bde 1c883... Z CN={ IZ CN={ Ej CN={b Ej CN={b, Ej CN={aa CN={75 CN={Sf Z CN={4€ Z CNz{3S Z’ CN={37 zi CN={02 Ac Cl A CF E —w Value Gruuld={7828bbe 3-4d 56-5254b7bft8b9 TRUE <not set) egelyncedge egemenoglu local <not set) o 5062 M RAS {b8cbSb4lb0-4d38-a9a2-l277bde7cS83) CN=ms-RTC-S I P-Trusted Service .CN=Schem top; container; msRTCSIP-TnjstedService ¶38db67-6e04-443b-91d8-c7Z725S8997 <not set) <not set) > C N={bß2fcb9b-fi bO-4d38-a9a2-1 277bde7c883)


Here I could find the value MRAS for the FQDN Edge server


So I looked here and found 2 identical entries with a different (CN) if you scroll down you will see that the GruuId is the same, FQDN is the same, port is the same.


Machine generated alternative text: eEdğorsj adminDisplayName cn defaultClassStore description displayName displayNamePrintable distinguishedName dSASignature dSCorePropagationD... extension Name flags FSMORoIeOwner instanceType <I iii Ed <not set> {b344b780-6Q4f-47c6-ba-817Y5&1dfd} <not set> <not set> <not set> <not set> CN=šb344b780-604f-47c6-ba2b-81 715&ldf <not set> (kO = () <not set> <not set> Attributes: Attribute adminDescription adminDisplayName cn defaultClassStore description displayName displayNamePrintabe distinguishedName dSASignature dSCorePropagationData extension Name flags ISMORoleOwner instanceType <I iii Value A <not set> <notset> E 4b8cb8b41bO-4d38-a9a2-1277bde7cS <not set) <not set> <not set) <not set> CN=šb8cb8b-f1bC)-4d38-a9a2-1277bde <not set> (kO=() <not set) <not set> <not set) thc4 =(WRITE) 2/19/2014 2:38:20 PM 2/19/20142:38:20 PM CN ={b344b 18(J-b04t-4 ícb-ba2b-81 13158t1 d} Pttflbutes: Attribute Value admin Description <not set> dğorse <not set> 0x4 =(WRITE) 2/19/2014 2:38:20 PM 2/19/20142:38:20 PM 2/19/20142:38:20 PM 2/19/20142:38:20 PM 2/19/20142:38:20 PM 2/19/20142:38:20 PM 2/19/2014 2:38:20 PM 2/19/20142:38:20 PM 2/19/20142:38:20 PM 2/19/20142:38:20 PM V Filter OK Cancel 1 Apply Help Ed OK Filter _____________ _____________ _____________ 1-b59b-8e24aed7afd7} Cancel Apply Help d-8e20-0a4b38ee793c} Icd-bec4-5cS5fD3eS7ba} msRTCSI msRTCSI msRTCSI



Machine generated alternative text: I  C:\Users\administrator.EGEMENOGLU\AppData\Local’ .0 C Lync Server 2013 Deployment tGtLYNCfrt added to RI UUrnversalserverAdnNns. Found RTCUniversaluserAd,mns: True IrSecu Attributes: Attribute msDS-NcType msDS-ObjectReference msRTCSIP-Extension... rnsRTCSIP-Routable nisRTCSIP-RoutingP.. rnsRTCSIP-TrustedS... msRTCSIP-TnjstedS... msRTCSIP-TrustedS... msRTCSIP-TrustedS... msRTCSIP-TrustedS... name objectCategory objectøass objectS UID Value <not set> <not set> Gruu Id ={7828bbe94J56—5254-b7bf-c8b2b9 TRUE <not set> egelyncedge.egemenoglu local <not set> o 5062 M RAS b34.4b780-604f-47c6-ba2b-81 7JSaldfd) CN=ms-RTC-SIP-TrustedService,CN=Schem top: container: rnsRTCSIP-TnjstedService lOG6eOea-aGb3-4e4e-8J1-d2d78ab4983 N Filter Attribute Value msDSObjectReference msRTCSIP-Extension Data msRTCSIP-Routthle msRTCSIP-RoutingPoolDN msRTCSIP-TrustedServe.. - msRTCSIP-TnjstedServe.. - msRTCSIP-TnjstedServi.. O msRTCSIP-TrustedServi... msRTCSIP-TnjstedServi .. name objectCategory objectøass objectS UID object Version LIN=juj’14oIou-ouqT-’4íCo-oaaJ-a I I OTUJ H i V duster L y duster L  duster <not set> Gnu Id ={7822bbe94d56-5254-bThf-cSb TRUE <not set) egelyncedge egemenoglu local <not set> JN =jOtSeTCO1D-T I OU-’fCJ5tS-d3d- I ¿1! crne ¡ C55i Attribute Edtor urity Attributes: <L n—... III L : 5062 MRAS tBZcbSb4lbO-4d38-aSa2-l2Thde7c& CN =ms-RTC-SIP-TrustedService,CN=Scf top: container: msRTCSIP-TrustedServic. ¶38db67-6e04-443b-91d8-c77258899 OK H Cancel H Apply H Help <not set> III > Filter OK Cancel Apply Help frd-8e2 lcd-bec


Let's delete one of them and see again if we can publish our topology, So I deleted the one that starts with {b344}


I will do this using the Lync Powershell, you can see below that the Topology was published successfully.

Machine generated alternative text: PS C :\Users\administrator. EGEMENOGLU> Enable-CsAdrorest PS C:\Users\administrator. EGEMENOGLU> PS C :\Users\administrator. EGEMENOGLU> Enable-CsTopology qARNING: Access control entry (ACE) EGEMENOGLU\RTCUni versal Global ReadOnl yGroup; All ow; ReadProperty; None; None qARNING: One or more group access control entries (ACEs) are not ready. qARNING: “Enable-CsTopology” processing has completed with warnings. “2” warnings were recorded during this run. qARNING: Detailed results can be found at : \Users\admi ni strator. EGEMENOGLU\AppData\Local \Temp\2\Enabl e-CsTopol ogy-dbs 82a4b—9e81--454O---bcca-45 e82elcOl3O. html”. PS C: \Users\admi ni strator. EGEMENOGLU> n_


To resolve the warning you will have to issue the cmdlet Enable-CsAdForest after the Enable-CsTopology


Machine generated alternative text: 4  Standard Edition Front End Servers Publish Topology A EGELYNCFE.egemenoglu.local D Enterprise Edition Front End poois D Director pools A D Mediation poois ,ç ECELYNCFE.egemenoglu.local D Persistent Chat poois D Edge pools egelyncedge.eyemenoglu.local D Trusted application servers D Shared Components D SQL Server stores I] EGELYNCFE.egemenoglu.local\rtc L ECELYNCSQL.egemenoglu.local\MON ITOR L EGELYNCSQL.egemenoglu.local\ARCHIVINC D File stores 3 \\EGELYNCFE.egemenoglu.local\LyncShare D PSTN gateways D Trunks L> D Office Web Apps Servers D Branch sites Step Publishing topology ... Downloading topology... Downloading global simple URL settings... updating role-based access control (RBAC) roles... Enabling topology... Publishing wizard complete Your topology was successfully published. ‘‘ Status Success View Success Success Success Success Back Finish Cancel To close the wizard, click Finish. Help